User Guide

The 9 gauges below (or on the front page) provide real-time readings for three of the most important market breadth indicators for the NYSE and NASDAQ: Liquidity, Market Pattern and Power, plus liquidity readings for the DAX, FTSE and CAC 40.

When Liquidity readings are within the green or red zone -- expect strong, directional trading, when the daily range may reach and exceed R3/S3 pivot lines.

When Liquidity readings are in the yellow zone -- expect choppy, rangebound trading, when the daily range usually remains confined within R1/S1 pivot lines.

The Market pattern number reflects the real time mood of stock market participants. Readings within the yellow zone are a sign of indecision and lack of strong bullish or bearish commitment among traders.

The Power indicator is based on the average power ranking for all NYSE/NASDAQ stocks. Extreme bullish and bearish readings signal short-term exhaustion.

Monitor these tools during the trading day to gain invaluable market insight.

You can follow the historical readings as well as individual symbol readings for Pattern and Power here.

You can learn more about our mobile apps here.